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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Rough Brothers offers glazed enclosures for waste water treatment plants, as well as reglazing of existing waste water treatment plants. Rough Brothers can provide structurally engineered and stamped waste water treatment glazed enclosures for virtually any size treatment facility. Structural members in both steel and aluminum are available, and either can be designed as rigid frame or truss structures.

Light weight translucent and/or transparent glazing options are available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate materials.

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Rough Brothers' structural greenhouse glazing system for high containment greenhouses is designed to facilitate the seating and sealing of glass within the structure to prevent leakage of air and water, and to keep potentially dangerous elements from escaping.

Rough Brothers’ waste water treatment glazed enclosures can be easily customized to fit site specific requirements. Additionally, a Rough Brothers enclosure can be equipped with a variety of air-movement and ventilation equipment. Examples being HAF and/or VAF fans, automatic motor operated operable ridge vents, and/or sidewall vents, etc...

Rough Brothers is able to offer all or a combination of services with respect to WWTP enclosures: design, structural engineering, manufacturing, project management, site safety, construction, maintenance, and/or preventative maintenance programs.

In-house manufacturing and exacting quality control measures ensure that the glazed WWTP enclosure is fabricated to the highest stands and meets the project and site specific requirements. Incorporating a Rough Brothers’ waste water treatment glazed enclosure to your water treatment facility adds not only a quality built structure, but also an experience team to help guide the process and ensure that the project comes in on time and at budget.