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Roof-Top Greenhouses

Rough Brothers specializes in the design, structural engineering, manufacturing, and construction of roof-top greenhouses for teaching, research, and educational facilities. Whether an already over-crowded campus or just limited land availability, selecting a roof-top greenhouse design can be the optimal solution to campus space constraints.

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Roof-top greenhouses bring a unique set of design challenges to any greenhouse project. Rough Brothers has the experience as well as a talented team in place to bring about a fully functional educational roof-top greenhouse that will compliment any campus.

Available as either aluminum greenhouses or galvanized steel greenhouses with a wide variety of greenhouse glazing options, each Rough Brothers roof-top greenhouse can be outfitted with the exact balance of greenhouse equipment and greenhouse systems which will deliver a controlled environment that meets all the horticultural program's needs.

Rough Brothers roof-top greenhouses can be designed around a myriad of shapes and sizes: a-frame greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses, gutter-connected greenhouses, Venlo greenhouses, and saw-tooth greenhouses are all available, as are custom roof-top greenhouse designs.

When land and space are at a premium, a rooftop greenhouse by Rough Brothers can be the perfect answer to the problem. Whether K-12, High Schools, Vo-Ag Schools, Colleges, or Universities, Rough Brothers can design, engineer, manufacture, and construct an energy efficient roof-top greenhouse which supports the most demanding academic standards.