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R-House is a glass greenhouse designed by RBI. It uses a combination of 1" insulated glass for a vertical glazing and single safety glass for overhead glazing. This combination provides for high light transmission and optimal energy efficiency. Ridge vents and sidewall vents are both available and require no rack area penetrations through the vent screenwork allowing for a tighter greenhouse. The greenhouse configuration can be A-Frame, Lean-To or Sawtooth. Custom designs are available. R-House can be easily adapted to a number of educational institutions and public or private research facilities. With its design versatility, R-House can be the right choice for even the tightest research requirements.

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R-House Design Features:

  • Architecturally compatible 4' glazing module
  • 4-sided, fully gasket glazing system
  • Variable greenhouse roof pitch: 3/12 to 12/12
  • Rigid frame construction
  • Integrated shade system
  • Self-supporting interior greenhouse partitions
  • Design flexibility

R-House Materials and Glazing:

  • Annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, safety laminated, and/or insulated greenhouse glass and high strength aluminum alloy glazing bars allow maximum penetration of sunlight with a maintenance-free aluminum rigid frame superstructure


  • Mill-finished Aluminum
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Painted Finishes


  • Benching Systems for Research & Teaching Greenhouses
  • Shade & Curtain Systems for Educational Greenhouses
  • Environmental Controls Systems for Research Greenhouses
  • Heating Systems for Teaching and Educational Greenhouses
  • Irrigation & Misting Systems for School Greenhouses
  • Cooling Systems for Educational Greenhouses
  • Plant Growth Lighting for School Greenhouses
  • Material Handling

Additional Services:

  • Design & Build
  • Systems Integration for Glass Greenhouses
  • Project Management
  • Installations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Glass Greenhouse Maintenance