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Cannabis Research Greenhouse

Rough Brothers’ research greenhouse design and manufacturing experience is extensive. The types of greenhouses and the plant research conducted within that vast number of completed research greenhouse projects is wide and varied. That same experience is applied to cannabis research greenhouses. Depending on specific cannabis research parameters, our GLASSHOUSE, TECHLITE House, or R-HOUSE are all well suited for the task. Additionally, each of these style greenhouses can be further adapted the meet the enhanced needs or requirements of any specific marijuana research facility.

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Rough Brothers’ team of in-house engineers and designers can create a fully functional cannabis research design that allows for optimal plant response and in turn the ideal controlled environment for testing and research.

Whether private, university, or governmental cannabis research, Rough Brothers has the readily available and experienced personnel to tackle the difficult design questions and considerations when it comes to marijuana research. Once the design & engineering is completed and specifications and drawings are put in place, Rough Brothers has the industry’s leading manufacturing and construction capabilities to make the cannabis research facility become a reality in the field. And that fully operational cannabis research facility comes on line at budget and on time.

Considerable design flexibility is afforded when selecting a Rough Brothers’ cannabis research greenhouse. Either steel or aluminum structures can be provided. Optimal non-yellowing light transmitting glazing materials are available, along with all the integrated research greenhouse equipment components and systems which allow for a fully functional cannabis research facility. Rough Brothers’ cannabis research greenhouses come with a full one year warranty on both materials and labor.

Whether planned for medical marijuana use or recreation use, early on cannabis research requires precise environmental control. It is that precise environmental control that Rough Brothers brings to the project and which helps ensure the research staff is able to deliver reliable data and dependable research results.

A component of Rough Brothers’ cannabis research greenhouses is often times the RBI 12/12 Flower Maker. Knowing that light (or the absence of) is critical to cannabis research, Rough Brothers developed the RBI 12/12 Flower Maker black-out shade system. The cannabis 12/12 Flower Maker can be instrumental in marijuana research applications, affording optimal photoperiod control: 12 hours of complete darkness when the researcher needs to replicate entry to the flowering stage. Making the transition from vegetative growth to flowering and the associated time frame can be critical to cannabis research. The 12/12 Flower Maker accelerates those turns allowing for faster cycling of the research and a more economical delivery of research results. Eliminate the residual light when it is not wanted. Twelve (12) hours of dark and twelve (12) hours of light can be an important part of an optimal environment for cannabis research.

The standard 12/12 Flower Maker black-out shade system is a motorized hands-off system and works best when tied into the cannabis research greenhouse environmental control system, which is typically also provided by Rough Brothers. The unique design utilizes specialty light weight black-out fabric creating a fully enclosed marijuana research chamber. Whether standard or custom sizes, the 12/12 Flower Maker can be a valuable tool for almost any cannabis research facility. Units can be custom fitted or manufactured to accommodate any research growing bench or crop arrangement. For either in-door cannabis research facilities or the more traditional out-door research greenhouse set-ups, the 12/12 Flower Maker black-out shade system can expand marijuana research capabilities.