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Estate Gardens Design

Rough Brothers has been designing, engineering, building, and maintaining high-quality estate greenhouses and classic conservatories structures since 1932. We have the estate garden design experience, resources, and technical expertise to bring even the most creative estate conservatory or greenhouse design to life.

Whether restoring an older estate garden conservatory to its past grandeur or taking an initial design concept from the ground up, Rough Brothers will guide the way. As part of our estate greenhouse design services we will evaluate your needs, provide a detailed analysis, and help you plan to meet both budget and timeline requirements for your estate garden conservatory or estate garden greenhouses.

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  • Benching for Classic Conservatories
  • Shade & Curtain Systems for Glass Greenhouse
  • Conservatory Greenhouse Environmental Controls
  • Heating & Cooling for Conservatories
  • Irrigation Systems for Glass Greenhouses
  • Plant Growth Lighting