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Classic Conservatory

Within Rough Brothers, the Conservatory Division offers decades of experience to help ensure the success of any conservatory project. From conservatory conceptual design through to construction, Rough Brothers’ talented group of conservatory design professionals and project managers are ready to design, structurally engineer, manufacture, and construct fully functional classic conservatories. Beyond classic conservatory design, Rough Brothers is the industry leader in historic greenhouse and classic conservatory renovation, restoration, and/or replication. Over the past 30 years Rough Brothers has designed, engineered, manufactured, and constructed almost every major conservatory in North America.

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From a historical standpoint, of the public conservatories in the United States, over ninety percent were constructed by the now-closed Lord & Burnham Company. In 1988 Rough Brothers acquired certain Lord & Burnham drawings, design details, and conservatory manufacturing equipment. This decades-past acquisition has helped Rough Brothers immensely in detailing accurate and exacting replication components when bringing forgotten Lord & Burnham original classic conservatories back to life.