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Irrigation System

Rough Brothers Greenhouse Irrigation System offer uniformity and flexibility in irrigation, while reducing water and labor costs. Available with multiple nozzles, allowing watering and misting options, irrigation booms are adaptable to any crop. Depending on the boom selected, multiple zones can be irrigated with one boom, allowing the grower to effectively grow multiple crops in one house. All booms can be controlled independently or through computerized controls.

  • Single and Double Rail Booms
  • Truss or Tower Boom
  • Single- or Multi-Tier Hanging Basket Systems
  • Drip, Sprinkler, Spray, and Mist Irrigation
  • Ebb and Flood Floor Systems
  • Ebb and Flood Bench Systems
  • Irrigation Tanks
  • Irrigation Pump Units
  • PVC Pipe, Fittings, & Valves

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