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Benching Systems

Your benching preferences can determine the layout and design of your greenhouse. With custom solutions available, RBI benching options are manufactured to your specifications.

1. Ro-Flo Benches
The Ro-Flo floating aisle system allows you to move the access aisle from one side of the greenhouse to the other, or anywhere in between, increasing your growing area by as much as 30%. Bench legs of steel tubing paired with 13-gauge expanded metal, and side rails of extruded aluminum, provide the most durable bench available.

2. Ebb and Flo Benches
Built around water-tight Ebb and Flo trays, these benches resist harsh environments. Water or fertilizer is pumped into each tray and drained for reuse for more water efficiency.  Increased watering efficiency and more uniform plant irrigation control the time and money spent on watering, while improving plant quality. Dry greenhouse aisles result in lower humidity, limiting disease.

3. Pallet Benches/Dutch Trays
The Pallet Bench System allows for more efficient material handling for large operations. Individual bench tops or trays are constructed in the same manner as Ro-Flo bench tops. Bench supports are constructed with a series of rollers running both perpendicular and parallel to the legs, allowing movement in either direction. With the use of air pressure, the pallet is lowered and raised, allowing movement in the other direction. 

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