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Manufacturing greenhouses has been a part of Rough Brothers, Inc. since we started and were building greenhouses out of redwood trees. RBI sits on a plot of land right next to the railroad tracks where redwoods would be delivered to our sawmill, cut down as needed and sent out to various projects. As greenhouse and manufacturing technology advanced, we shifted to computer numerical control (CNC) programming and computer-aided manufacturing processes. This adaption allowed for the expansion of production while maintaining current employees. RBI promotes an environment of innovation and new ideas, so new ideas and processes are often suggested by employees. Our evolution is not only from the top down, but the bottom up as well.

Unique to RBI is our specially fabricated parts approach. By providing custom solutions, we are able to avoid warehousing excessive stock, and focus on sustainable production processes. Much like the renown Toyota assembly line, manufacturing has complete control over the fabrication process from the minute a structure or part is designed to the moment it leaves the shipping dock. Being located in the same facility as design and engineering departments, adjustments and corrections are often made same day. 

Manufacturing is home to:

  • Aluminum Shop
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Steel Shop
  • Weld Shop
  • Fabric Shop
  • Small Parts
  • Loading Dock

Manufacturing is a major component of our business - and we take it seriously. As such, we're pleased that Tom Vezdos, VP of Greenhouses, is the President-Elect for the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association.

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