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Hydroponic Vegetables

Whether you're looking for greenhouse structure or fertigation/irrigation systems, RBI's team of engineers can design the perfect solution to fit you needs. While all plants’ water requirements are unique, so too are their water sources, and rarely do the two’s qualities align with one another. Our approach is to begin with your end goal - what and how much are you hoping to grow? From here, we work to provide the precision equipment needed to optimize your produce.

Developing a comprehensive master plan for your vegetable range is our first step during consultation. Every consultation begins with Discovery. Gathering information on your sales forecasts, your long term vision, and distribution strategy is essential in creating your plan. Then, our expert team of horticulturists, designers, and engineers collaborate with you to develop a customized vegetable system and structure blueprint for your vegetable range. Your plan will outline crop specifics, seasonality, geographic customization, and investment expectations to bring your vision to life.

The design phase initiates the drawing process with elevations, layouts, and general schematics. Using your comprehensive master plan as our guide, RBI reviews various design structure options, and then considers the advantages and limitations of each option. We understand that you are on a budget which is why our recommendations are developed to maximize your growing space and provide a return on your investment.

Providing the ideal controlled environment gives your crop the best chance to thrive.  The selection of the environment and growing systems is vital to the performance of your crop and optimizing its output. RBI will integrate cohesive systems to allow these structures, environments, and growing systems to work in unison. Once integrated, the system is controlled through the use of state-of-the-art automated technology.

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