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Commercial Grower

For over 80 years Rough Brothers has serviced the commercial grower with a timeless philosophy: provide the highest level of service and stand behind your products.   When you partner with Rough Brothers, you will work with the most dependable & knowledgeable greenhouse representatives in the industry.  Our representatives use their floriculture experience to help you overcome obstacles and work through any challenge you may encounter.   When you build with Rough Brothers, you will receive the highest quality greenhouse structure on the market.  Your Rough Brothers commercial greenhouse is designed with all the environmental systems in mind, ensuring a seamless integration between equipment and systems.

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What does this mean for you?

You and Rough Brothers can select the style, covering, and structure that fit your needs no matter what the requirements. You will never find yourself forcing a solution because of the limited offerings that other companies have available. Rough Brothers manufactures the widest range of structures in the industry whether it's Open-Roof, Wide-Span, Venlo, or Cold-Frame with any style of ventilation. We manufacture all, with any type of roof covering available on the market. We also possess custom design and CNC manufacturing capabilities.