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The HyBrid Cannabis Greenhouse combines the best of all 3 cultivation methods.  The lower cost operation of field grown, the full spectrum free sunlight of the greenhouse, and the environmental consistency of the indoor grow.  The HyBrid Cannabis Greenhouse has a high transmission polycarbonate roof with traditional ventilation &/or cross ventilation from gable to gable. Equip this design with an evaporative wet wall for additional cooling capabilities. The cross ventilation design can be operated even while in light deprivation mode with the addition of light traps and an operable blackout curtain.  This is a robust design that is simple and effective in desert applications or in heavy snow load areas.

What You Can Get:

  • Moderate Height Greenhouse with hard covered peaks
  • High Light Transmission diffused polycarbonate roof
  • Unit Heaters
  • Cooling (shading, cross-ventilation, &/or evaporative)
  • Dehumidification (convection &/or cross ventilation)
  • Air Movement (convection, zone homogenization)
  • Environmental Controls
  • HID Supplemental Lighting
  • Odor Control (misting)
  • Light Deprivation (blackout curtains, light traps, &/or non-transmission materials)
  • Benches (fixed or floating aisle)

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Water Management Options

  • Water Softening or Buffering
  • Volume dosing fertigation
  • Autonomously Mixed Stock Tanks
  • Drip Irrigation