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HighLite Venlo

The HighLite Venlo is RBI's premier cannabis cultivation greenhouse designed to optimize production, and ideal for medical-grade production. HighLite is designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and incorporates our most sophisticated systems and equipment. Our team of designers will create the perfect computer automation controls for your grow operation, which will integrate with your entire growing system. Our systems are capable of differentiating the requirements for each strain based on individual zones or room configuration. With a high level of specificity and technology, we will help you maximize your cannabis production and ultimately yield more product per square foot. Not only do we provide custom engineered solutions, RBI is also committed to designing sustainable and efficient cannabis greenhouses or hybrid greenhouse utilizing the best of the indoor grow and the greenhouse. The HighLite high light transmission greenhouse can be designed for convection, cross-ventilation, semi-closed, or a closed environment depending on the degree of control required.

What You Can Get:

  • Extended Height Greenhouse with narrow acute pitched peaks
  • High Light Transmission diffused tempered glass roof
  • Hydroponic Heating (perimeter, interior, &/or snow melt)
  • Cooling (shading, cross-ventilation, evaporative, &/or mechanical chiller)
  • Dehumidification (convection, self-contained units, &/or reheat air handlers)
  • Air Movement (convection, zone homogenization &/or inter-canopy)
  • Environmental Controls
  • LED &/or HID Supplemental Lighting (perimeter, inter-canopy, &/or variable height)
  • Odor Control (ozone, carbon, ionizers, misting &/or negative pressure**)
  • Light Deprivation (blackout curtains, light traps, &/or non-transmission materials)
  • Benches (fixed, vertical, floating, &/or pallets)
  • Mother, Propagation, &/or Veg hybrid rooms

Water Management Options

  • Pre-Filtration & Buffering
  • Storage tanks above &/or below grade
  • Water Sanitation (ozone/UV)
  • Water Softening &/or RO
  • Automatic Nutrient Injector &/or volume dosing
  • Autonomously Mixed Stock Tanks
  • Pump volume and pressure sizing
  • Drip Irrigation &/or Ebb-and-Flow
  • Water reclamation

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