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Hemp Structures

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp and products derived from it are now legal at a federal level, and it's up to individual states to set regulations. Read more here: 2018 Farm Bill: Opportunities in Hemp. With this change comes exciting opportunities for growers across the country - particularly since hemp will qualify for federal crop insurance. The hemp CBD market has exploded and many are looking to this market for pain relief without the traditional cannabis high, as has the demand for hemp products.

RBI's traditional cannabis greenhouse and indoor structures are suited for indoor hemp cultivation. With a high level of specificity and technology, we help your maximize hemp production and yield - while ensuring a sustainable and efficient hemp greenhouse. Enjoy the best of all 3 cultivation methods with our HyBrid greenhouse: low cost operation of field grown, full spectrum sunlight of a greenhouse, and the environmental consistency of an indoor grow. Whatever your growing preference, know that RBI's team of experience engineers will design a custom solution for you - from lights to irrigation, and everything in between. 

Looking for more information about cultivating hemp? Read: What Farmers Need to Know About Growing Hemp featuring Michael Bowman, of the National Hemp Association.

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