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Cannabis Grow Lights

Cannabis needs light to grow. Without proper spectrum and intensity, your yield will be disappointing. A great controlled environment design starts with the quality and quantity of light, and RBI has the knowledge to help you figure out which grow lights are best for your cannabis greenhouse.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

  • Most effective High Intensity Discharge (HID) light available
  • Doubles available light
  • Color spectrum is highest in yellow, orange, red
  • Light from the res end of the spectrum promotes flowering production in cannabis
  • Industrial and horticultural lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

  • More light per watt than fluorescent or HID lights
  • Low energy and heat output
  • Can be customized to put out a specific wavelength of light
  • A traditionally more compact system

Light Emitting Plasma (LEP)

  • Full spectrum light output
  • Uses approx. 50% less energy than HID lamps = lower operational costs
  • Longer lifespan + intensity of light lasts much longer

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