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Garden Center Mass Retail

For over 80 years, RBI has provided the best structures and outstanding customer service for garden centers nationwide. The first RBI mass retail garden center structure was built in 1993, and the past 20 years, we have strived to keep customer satisfaction our priority. Our highly dedicated team manages crews to take care of thousands of garden centers across the United States, US territories, and Canada seven days a week. Each person has been cross-trained in the different aspects of our division and is more than happy to help with any questions you may have when calling RBI. Our crews will help your customer needs while construction may be underway during store hours. Please contact us if you have any issues we can assist you with.

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RBI Mass Retail division provides quality and unique designs as well as exceptional customer service. If you need a new structure designed or maintenance on an existing structure, Rough Brothers will survey and determine what repairs are needed. We are also a 24-hour responder to weather or accidental damage nationwide. Tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy snow, or damage from a runaway forklift, Rough Brothers will respond quickly and complete repairs timely and efficiently.

We stand behind what we install, and can provide foundations, plumbing, and electrical if asked on a project, and will keep in contact to maintain the schedule at your convenience. Our Retail Garden Center Maintenance team specializes in: new retail construction and design, existing garden center remodels and design, and continuous maintenance on all structures. If you think our team could address your issue, please contact us to discuss.

During Hurricane response mode, we position our crews, to be able to promptly response as soon as it is safe to assist our customers to make their garden centers safe and ready to help in recovery operations. We have the ability to keep in contact with our crews during these situations and they will work day and night to provide the best services possible. Our crews are stocked with material to provide a provide temporary repair to your structures; we can then provide a comprehensive quote for the garden center repairs that are needed.

While tornadoes are unpredictable, our crews are notified ahead of the storm to be prepared if a customer needs help. Our office team works to provide a first response crew within hours to secure and stabilize structures that are hit by tornadoes. We also add reinforcement to ensure a sound structure against strong winds when designing a new structure, or remodeling a structure that was damaged.

When heavy snow hits, RBI Mass Retail division is ready to help. Our crews will safely clear the roof and gutter systems of your garden center of snow and ice to help prevent damage to the structure, and communicate with your team any damage and proposal to repair. Also, before the snow falls, RBI can remove or secure your shade cloth to prevent damage from occurring. Feel free to contact RBI Retail Garden Center maintenance team for any assistance concerning your snow removal needs.

Customer service and care for all of the United States, territories, and Canada.

RBI Mass Retail Division has been concentrating on retail garden center maintenance, repair, remodel and construction for past 20 years, we are available at all time to assist with your Garden Center needs, we can provide total turnkey repairs and remodels at any time and in all the USA and Canada. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.