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Teaching Greenhouses

Rough Brothers’ talented and experienced group of Teaching Greenhouse specialists are anxious to help design, engineer, manufacture and construct even the most challenging of teaching greenhouse facilities. By working closely with the entire project team and acquiring a full and comprehensive understanding of the horticultural program’s goals, Rough Brothers will help insure that the completed greenhouse delivers the optimal teaching, research & educational environment.

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The completed Rough Brothers greenhouse will provide the horticultural staff a valuable tool for teaching and afford the student body the controlled plant environment to support academic excellence. The Rough Brothers team can help guide the greenhouse design process through the many design considerations that ultimately insure a fully functional greenhouse; but as importantly, one that also blends well aesthetically with the campus. The selection of a Rough Brothers teaching greenhouse assures a long-life facility that is energy efficient, easy to use and affords the built-in flexibility to adapt to changes in staffing, funding, grants and academic horticultural programs.

Utilizing in-house design and engineering complimented by state of the art manufacturing practices along with experienced & warranted installation, all overseen by fully capable project managers, Rough Brothers will insure the delivery of an aesthetically pleasing campus feature that will allow the horticultural programs to flourish.

A Rough Brothers Teaching Greenhouse is the right choice for K-12, High Schools, Tech Schools, Vo-Ag Schools, Colleges and Universities.

To request teaching greenhouse specifications for Rough Brothers GLASSHOUSE, TECHLITE, or R-HOUSE structures click here.

  • Design, Engineering & Consulting
  • Design/Build Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • Greenhouse Consulting
  • Maintenance

In addition to teaching greenhouse equipment recommendations, Rough Brothers also provides seamless teaching greenhouse systems integration. Just a few of the many possible components and/or design considerations being:

  • Greenhouse Ventilation/Air-Movement
  • Shade & Curtain Systems
  • Teaching Greenhouse Environmental Controls
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Misting & Irrigation
  • Shading & Heat Retention Systems
  • Supplemental Plant Growth Lighting