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    As the leading authority on research greenhouses, Rough Brothers’ talented and experienced group of design and construction management professionals are poised to help insure the success of even the most intricate of research greenhouse projects. Representing a diverse range of design disciplines, Rough Brothers’ in-house personnel can help guide the research greenhouse design process through the many and varied design options and considerations. With the goal of a fully functional research greenhouse facility, Rough Brothers is able to lend its decades of experience to properly coordinate and integrate all the varied “plant” systems and “plant research” equipment components into the design to yield optimal research greenhouse performance. Whether for public research or private research, Rough Brothers is anxious to apply our project management skills and help navigate the pathway from research greenhouse conceptual design, to design development, to structural engineering, through manufacturing and onto construction of even the most sophisticated of research greenhouses. Greenhouses for research and teaching applications for schools, colleges, universities including private or governmental research facilities are all available through Rough Brothers.

    Research Greenhouses
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    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
    • Research Greenhouses
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    Additional Research Greenhouse Information

    The greenhouse structure and associated greenhouse glazing system are only a portion of a successful research greenhouse. Rough Brothers will help insure that the numerous internal greenhouse systems and greenhouse equipment variations are properly considered and selected to achieve the greenhouse research design parameters and performance criteria required.

    Rough Brother’s utilizes the industry’s leading in-house manufacturing and quality control procedures which insure that each research greenhouse is manufactured to the highest standards. Rough Brothers’ knowledgeable design input and factory craftsmanship along with quality installations provides for optimal research capability within the completed greenhouse.

    Selecting a Rough Brothers’ research greenhouse brings an experienced and talented team to the project. By working closely with the overall design team Rough Brothers will maintain a focus on providing a sustainable research facility that has built-in use flexibility to accommodate ever-changing programs, funding and staffing. Coupled with an extended service life, energy efficiency and ease of use, our goal is to economically and affordably deliver the optimal research greenhouse for the specific project needs each and every time.

    Rough Brothers’ Educational Greenhouse Specifications

    To request research greenhouse specifications for Rough Brothers’ GLASSHOUSE, TECHLITE, or R-HOUSE structures click here.

    Rough Brothers’ Research Greenhouse Services Include:
    Other Services for Research Greenhouses:

    As a part of Rough Brothers' research greenhouse services, we are glad to provide design input with respect to :

    • Research Greenhouse Ventilation/Air-Movement
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Supplemental Plant Growth Lighting
    • Misting & Irrigation
    • Shading & Heat Retention Systems
    • Plant Benching
    • Research Greenhouse Environmental Controls