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The VENLO greenhouse structure by Rough Brothers optimises greenhouse light transmission. With a variety of greenhouse structure options, crop response can be maximized. By working closely with you, we can help you select, construct and maintain the optimal gutter connect greenhouse structure with the accomponying greenhouse equipment systems to meet your greenhouse project needs.

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The greenhouse structure can be designed to readily accept hanging baskets, displays, booms, echo systems, and other needed greenhouse equipment. The truss has also been designed for use with greenhouse heat retention and greenhouse shading systems; reducing winter greenhouse heat loss and summer heat gain for maximizing energy efficiency.

Roof vents are optional in the VENLO greenhouse structures. Single greenhouse vents or double greenhouse vents are available. Each zone utilizes as few as two greenhouse vent motors, increasing efficiency while decreasing greenhouse maintenance. VENLO greenhouse specifications are available on request.

  • VENLO greenhouse roof glazing provides maximum light transmission
  • Low maintenance greenhouse structure
  • Natural or greenhouse fan ventilation available
  • Standard and custom widths available
  • Available in various heights to accommodate specific greenhouse needs

  • Research, Teaching & Educational Greenhouses
  • Conservatories, Aviaries, Botanical Gardens and Estate Greenhouses

Available VENLO Gutter Connect Greenhouse Widths

The standard widths of the VENLO greenhouse structures are 20' 6", 24' 0", 30' 9", 36' 0" and 41' 0" wide. Custom widths are available.

  • Benching Systems for VENLO Greenhouses
  • Shade & Curtain Systems for Greenhouse Structures
  • Gutter Connect Greenhouses Environmental Controls
  • VENLO Heating Systems
  • Irrigation & Misting Systems
  • Cooling Systems for Gutter Connect Greenhouses
  • Plant Growth Lighting & Related Light Rack Systems
  • Material Handling for VENLO Greenhouses
  • Design Services for Gutter Connect Greenhouses
  • Design & Build for Greenhouse Structures
  • Systems Integration for VENLO Greenhouses
  • Structural Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction for Gutter Connect Structures
  • VENLO Greenhouses Maintenance