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RBI's Bio-Safety Containment Greenhouse system has received extensive testing for use in clinical, diagnostic, teaching, research, and production environments, consistent with containment guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control and specifications utilized by the USDA for certification. As a result of this testing, Rough Brothers has designed a Bio-Safety Containment Greenhouse system that meets CDC and USDA standards for Level 2 and Level 3 greenhouse containment.

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Greenhouse System Structural Overview

Rough Brothers' structural greenhouse glazing system for high containment greenhouses is designed to facilitate the seating and sealing of glass within the structure to prevent leakage of air and water, and to keep potentially dangerous elements from escaping.

Custom, Precision-Machined Materials

The fastening component of the research greenhouse structural glazing system includes tubular carrier beams that are interconnected in a grid configuration. All materials are precision machined to exacting dimensions to ensure the tightest tolerances and sealing required of a bio-safety containment greenhouse structure.

Greenhouse System Structure

The greenhouse is comprised of a three-component structure:

  1. Super Structure - incorporates aluminum "I" beam to support the second structure, the research greenhouse glazing system.
  2. Glazing System - incorporates aluminum extrusions, gaskets and glass. Glass consists of 9/16-inch clear laminated panels, 0.060-inch polyvinyl buryl (PVB) laminated between two 1/4-inch plates.
  3. Research Greenhouse Doors - are tested to meet bio-safety containment standards. The research greenhouse doors are constructed with an interior heavy-duty tubular design laminated between two sheets of 1/8-inch aluminum sheets to form a flush panel door. Electromagnetic locks and inflatable perimeter seals are provided for an airtight closure.

The Bio-Safety Containment Greenhouse is designed to meet the needs of exacting greenhouse specifications, secure research environments and growing production assessment.

Research, Teaching & Educational Greenhouses for Schools

  • Protects workers, products and the environment from exposure to microbiological agents.
  • Performance-tested to insure the proper balance of in-flow and out-flow of air to restrict the exposure of air infiltration agents
  • Engineered with interlocking three-point pressure gasket seals for easy removal and replacement of glazing components to maintain bio-safety structural integrity

Static Pressure Air Infiltration (ASTM E283)

Greenhouse design with air infiltration tests at 6.24 psf with air leakage < 0.01 cfm/ft2 of fixed area.

Static Pressure Water Resistance (ASTM E331):

Greenhouse design with water penetration tests with a water application rate of 5 gal/hr/ft2 at a pressure differential of 10.0 psf with no water leakage.

Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance (AAMA 501.1-94)

Greenhouse design with water penetration tests with a water application rate of 5 gal/hr/ft2 and dynamic air stream equivalent to static pressure of 10.0 psf with no water leakage.