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Design & Engineering

A functional conservatory or botanical graden starts with an efficient design. Rough Brothers conservatory design experts understand your business and will work with you to determine the specific project needs. RBI experts will work within the budget to identify and utilize the best layout, structure and greenhouse equipment necessary to provide the ideal solution for your conservatory or botanical garden. Whether it’s an expansion of an existing conservatory or a new  botanical garden, Rough Brothers places a high standard in design and engineering services. Our priority is to provide with a high quality and fully functional Conservatory.RBI team consists of growing experts, designers and engineering specialists that will direct you through the conservatory design process. Rough Brothers  design team looks forward to being involved in your future conservatory design project.

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Our experienced conservatory design team can create conceptual drawings, renderings, contract drawings and greenhouse specifications. Greenhouse and conservatory renderings are useful in the design process to give you a 3-D snapshot of what your greenhouse project will look like. Rough Brothers’ design team will provide detailed AutoCAD drawings, and the greenhouse or conservatory drawings will be structurally engineered and stamped by Rough Brother's skilled in-house engineering team.

If the project is going out for bid, using our expert greenhouse specification writers will ensure that your high quality greenhouse has an equally high quality set of greenhouse bid documents. Design support also includes cost estimating, value engineering and construction scheduling. All of these aspects of greenhouse and conservatory design and engineering create an amazing ‘living’ machine where the exterior envelope and the interior equipment work together to provide the optimal growing environment for your plants.

  • Conservatory Specifications
  • Heating & Cooling for Botanical Gardens
  • Conservatory Shading & Heat Retention System
  • Conservatory Drawings
  • Environmental Control Systems and Drawings