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Conservatory Consulting

Rough Brothers’ conservatory consulting services will help insure the success of virtually any conservatory project. Whether a straight forward design or the most innovative and complicated of conservatory concepts, Rough Brothers’ consulting services can be of great benefit to the success of the project. With a vast array of past project experience and project coordination experience, Rough Brothers’ team of project managers and systems engineers can help insure that the final design will yield a fully functional conservatory.

Rough Brothers’ conservatory consulting services are based on decades of experience. Conservatory consultation by Rough Brothers extends beyond just the glazed enclosure, but many times includes consulting on the wide variety of interior equipment and systems required of a fully operational conservatory.

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Rough Brothers consulting services can also encompass conservatory costing, schedule development, specification review, value engineering, site safety as well as overall constructability and performance. Designing your conservatory or greenhouse facility is the energizing part of the process. Thoughts of greenhouse and/or conservatory construction and installation may be intimidating. We understand that; that gives us the drive to install, test, and service each component of each contract with detailed attention.

Rough Brothers' greenhouse & conservatory installation crews have a combined 300+ year history of constructing and maintaining conservatories. Our experienced crews include second and third generation members, ensuring a job done right. Trained on safety, quality control, and timeliness, we take the guesswork out of greenhouse and conservatory construction.

Our builder would contract directly with Rough Brothers

This benefits you in providing you service after the construction is complete! Who is going to fix those couple of leaks that show up after the crew is gone? Rough Brothers assures the quality of the product and the installation of the product.

The quality of the materials. ie. We integrate square and rectangular post in our structure, not round; it is a fact that square posts resist greater wind and snow loads than round.

Risk of structure and crop loss due to snow/wind is substantially reduced potentially saving you tens of thousands in avoiding structure/crop losses, and provides peace of mind in those conditions.

Project management. Upon receipt of your order a project manager will be assigned to your project.

Along with your sales rep and our support staff they will ensure all the details of your project including coordination of non-structure components flows smoothly- this has shown to save customers thousands in rework and/or redesigning due to poor integration.

Rough Brothers specializes in projects.Not just supplying a greenhouse.

Our experience in managing projects is unmatched in the industry. We have worked with virtually all heating, control and material handling companies in the industry and provide valuable services such as providing drainage layouts, electrical drawings etc. This service has saved customers thousands in hiring others to perform these tasks or the typical rework associated in "winging it".

Rough Brothers is located in the U.S. and has established itself as a company.

Shipments from Rough Brothers are not subject to custom inspections and possible delays. Our crews are U.S. based and not subject to immigration issues, and are fully insured for both liability and workers compensation. This provides the best guarantee that delays that are "out of our control" are eliminated, ensuring your project is completed on time, with no risk.