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Where architectural aesthetics plays a greater role in the overall project design, the R-HOUSE greenhouse & conservatory system by Rough Brothers is often times the optimal choice. With its architecturally compatible 4’ glazing model, the R-HOUSE can be easily integrated into the existing botanical garden building theme and/or tie in well with new conventional construction. Offering 1” insulated vertical glazing in combination with high light-transmitting single safety glazing overhead, the R-HOUSE glass conservatory provides the best of both worlds; a “tighter” conservatory which stills allow optimal natural lighting from above.

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R-HOUSE Greenhouse Features

  • Architecturally compatible vertical wall glazing
  • Easily adaptable 4' conservatory glazing modules
  • Conservatory design flexibility
  • Variable conservatory roof pitch capability
  • Rigid frame construction in lieu of trusses
  • Easily integrated conservatory and greenhouse equipment & systems

R-HOUSE Conservatory Structure and Glazing Material Options

  • Aluminum or galvanized steel structures
  • High strength aluminum alloy glazing bars and bar caps
  • Annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered and/or 1" insulated glass

RIn addition to educational, teaching or research applications the R-HOUSE can be the right choice for Glass Conservatories, Botanical Gardens, Arboretums, Butterfly Conservatories and Aviaries.

To request specifications for the R-HOUSE, GLASSHOUSE and/or TECHLITE HOUSE click here.

  • Shade & heat retention systems for glass conservatories
  • Gantries & catwalks for conservatory access
  • Conservatory cold frames
  • Conservatory environmental control systems
  • Non-HVAC heating & cooling systems for glass conservatories
  • Conservatory design and structural engineering services
  • Conservatory Design/Build Services
  • Conservatory equipment and systems integration
  • Project Management, Site Safety