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AGPA Newsletter (March 2008)

  • Monday, July 01, 2013

For 75 years now, "Rough" has been mispronounced, but that hasn't impeded Rough Brothers' huge success. Founded in 1932, Rough Brothers' original business focus was greenhouse maintenance and repair. But things are far different today. Company growth has been steady, if not explosive in recent years as the breadth of Rough Brothers' services and products has far exceeded what the original five Rough brothers could have ever imagined.Today, Rough Brothers and its sister companies cover the greenhouse and conservatory industry from one end to the other with specialized internal teams focused on individual specific markets within the industry.

The Conservatory Division at Rough Brothers represents one ofthese internal teams. Although overall project responsibility rests with a single Rough Brothers' project manager, there is an equally talented group of people right behind that project manager who help insure the success of every project. These dedicated individuals represent a variety of disciplines from design and engineering, through botany and systems integration to manufacturing and construction.

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