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Conservatory Restoration

RBI (Rough Brothers Inc.) is the leader in monumental conservatory renovations, construction, and recreation. Let Rough Brothers team of experienced  engineers, designers, manufacturers, and constructors bring your old conservatory back to life. Looking to renew the charm of an old Lord & Burnham, American Classic, Metropolitan, Pierson, King,  Lutton Conservatory, Foley, Hitchings or Foley,? Let Rough Brothers lead you to a vintage conservatory restoration. We have the knowledge and experience to restore your neglected conservatory from its existing state to a recovered than new state. We have restored and recreated many of the original conservatory manufacturers’ glazing bar profile in aluminum like  the Pearson U-Bar, the Lutton Solar V-Bar, Lord & Burnham glazing bars, and are the leader in conservatory restoration.  Rough Brothers acquired Lord & Burnham’s drawings, details, and equipment, further enhancing our tools to deliver historical accurate components for restoration of your historically significant vintage conservatories.

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