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Classic Conservatory

Within Rough Brothers, the Conservatory Division offers decades of experience to help insure the success of any conservatory project. From conservatory conceptual design through to construction, Rough Brothers’ talented group of conservatory design professionals and project managers are ready to design, structurally engineer, manufacture and construct fully functional classic conservatories. Beyond classic conservatory design, Rough Brothers is the industry leader in historic greenhouse and classic conservatory renovation, restoration and/or replication. Over the past 30 years Rough Brothers has designed, engineered, manufactured and constructed almost every major conservatory in North America.

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From the United States Botanical Garden Conservatory in Washington, DC on the East Coast to the Conservatory at the Huntington Library Art Collections & Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA on the West Coast and everywhere in between Rough Brothers successfully completed conservatory projects dot the landscape.

Whether Conservatory renovation, restoration, replication or altogether new conservatory construction from the ground up, Rough Brothers has the in-house personnel representing diverse design disciplines and backgrounds to bring about a truly successful project.

Rough Brothers has and continues to design, engineer, manufacture, construct, project manage and maintain the most sophisticated classic conservatories and botanic garden glass greenhouses since 1932. Taking on arboretum or botanical garden conservatory and glass house projects can present many design issues and hurdles. Rough Brothers is staffed by experienced personnel with the required technical expertise to restore a forgotten classic conservatory to its original grandeur, or to design and build a new state of the art conservatory from the foundation up. Through active collaboration and gaining a complete understanding of the project needs and ultimate performance expectations Rough Brothers performs a detailed analysis of the conservatory design considerations to yield conservatory projects that are delivered on time and at budget.

From the Conservatory United States Botanical Garden in Washington, DC to Huntington Garden's Conservatory in Los Angeles, or anywhere in-between, Rough Brothers has the vast experience and talented personnel to see the most intricate conservatory project through to completion.

Whether your wish is for a new out-of-the-ground classic conservatory design that is uniquely yours, or a period glasshouse replication from days gone by, or even historical greenhouse restoration of your existing conservatory facility, Rough Brothers is anxious to be involved.

At Rough Brothers we have been building and maintaining large, high-quality glass greenhouse and classic conservatory structures since 1932. We have the conservatory design experience, resources and technical expertise to solve a variety of conservatory and arboretum design issues. Rough Brothers can restore your conservatory greenhouse structure to its original grandeur or build a new classic conservatory from the ground up. As part of our glass greenhouse design services, we will evaluate your needs, provide you with a detailed analysis of the necessary restorative work or new construction, and help you plan to meet budget and timeline requirements.

From a historical standpoint, of the public conservatories in the United States, over ninety percent were constructed by the now-closed Lord & Burnham Company. In 1988 Rough Brothers acquired Lord & Burnham drawings, design details and conservatory manufacturing equipment. This decades-past acquisition has helped Rough Brothers immensely in detailing accurate and exacting replication components when bringing forgotten Lord & Burnham original classic conservatories back to life.

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