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Irrigation System

Rough Brothers greenhouse Irrigation system offer uniformity and flexibility in irrigation, while reducing water and labor costs. Available with multiple nozzles, allowing watering and misting options, irrigation booms are adaptable to any crop. Depending on the boom selected, multiple zones can be irrigated with one boom, allowing the grower to effectively grow multiple crops in one house. All booms can be controlled independently or through computerized controls.

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Double Rail Booms
Traveling truss to truss, the double rail boom offers (2) watering arms split at the aisle, allowing walk through access. This allows flexibility in irrigation by allowing either full width or partial width irrigation.

Single Rail Booms
Traveling truss to truss as does the double rail boom, the single rail book differs in that only one arm, spanning the width of the house is installed. This allows the entire width of the house to be irrigated at one time. With the installation of the single rail boom, the area may be separated into fewer irrigation zones than that of a double rail boom.

Truss or Tower Boom
Traveling the length of the house, the truss or tower boom is available either as one bar spanning the width of the house or as two bars split at the aisle. The truss boom offers more flexibility in irrigation and is typically used by growers of high levels of automation as the truss or tower boom options allow performance of multiple functions.

Ground Runner Boom
The solution to outdoor watering, the ground boom is ideal when an overhead structure is not present for mounting the boom. Mounted on rails set in the ground, the ground boom is the perfect solution for uniform watering of outdoor product.

Hanging Basket Irrigation systems offer not only the convenience of irrigation but also the transportation of hanging baskets. With a designated watering station, each hanging basket is watered uniformly. Additional features of each hanging basket system allow baskets to be transported to one location automatically, reducing labor costs of basket removal from the line. Available either single tier or multi tier options, hanging basket systems allow increase in growing area and lower cost per unit.

Perhaps the most economical option for decreased labor watering, drip, sprinkler, spray, and mist irrigation systems allow flexibility in design, installation, and use. These systems can be designed to water on the ground, on bench, hanging baskets, propagation, etc.

Ebb and Flood irrigation is available both in floor and bench systems. Ebb and Flood floors are custom designed for each client, as the design is influenced by crops grown, facility location, and zone requirements. Additional information on Ebb and Flood Benches can be found on our Benches page.

1. Irrigation Booms
Available with misting or watering options, these booms reduce labor costs, and can water multiple crops effectively in one greenhouse.

2. Hanging Basket Systems
Water uniformly and increase growing space to lower costs per unit. Available in single-tier or multi-tier options.

3. Drip, Sprinkler, Spray and Mist Irrigation
Customized systems offer maximum flexibility for growers looking to water plants on the floor, on benches, in baskets and during propagation.

4. Flood Floor & Flood Bench Systems
Maximize irrigation control and effectiveness.

  • Single and Double Rail Booms
  • Truss or Tower Boom
  • Single- or Multi-Tier Hanging Basket Systems
  • Drip, Sprinkler, Spray and Mist Irrigation
  • Ebb and Flood Floor Systems
  • Ebb and Flood Bench Systems
  • Irrigation Tanks
  • Irrigation Pump Units
  • PVC Pipe, Fittings & Valves