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Flat Roof Retractable

The Flat Roof is the next best thing to growing outside. Designed to provide maximum exposure to the outdoors while providing essential cover, the Flat Roof by Rough Brothers is paramount in crop protection. As close as you can get to growing outdoors, the retractable roof greenhouse by Rough Brothers encourages the benefits of natural ventilation and light while providing a refuge from wind, sun, and less than desirable temperatures.

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Ideal for crops tolerant of rain and snow, the Flat Roof by Rough Brothers offers the fundamental protection to improve crop success. The use of patented aluminized cloth aids in heat retention during the cooler months while reflecting heat away from the crop in the warmer months. This innovative design results in reduction in production cycles, paired with escalation in plant quality. Optional sidewall and endwall glazing further promotes protection.

Unique in several ways, the design of the Flat Roof by Rough Brothers accommodates the needs of growers. The split open design provides quicker open and close time, while decreasing strain on the motor(s). Elimination of diagonal compression bracing allows for more efficient growing area, while the straightforward design allows for ease in installation.

The Flat Roof uses patented aluminized cloth for heat retention and reflection, so you can harden off crops in the elements for greater success.

The split open design provides faster open and close times, for greater control to protect crops from the elements.

The drive system is designed to reduce stress on the motor and hooks, eliminate stress on the end walls and reduce cable wear at all pulley locations for a low-maintenance structure.

  • Natural ventilation eliminates fans
  • Optimal for perennials, shrubs and trees
  • Optional sidewalls increase flexibility
  • Growers & Nursery Management
  • Retail Garden Centers
  • Benching
  • Environmental Controls
  • Heating
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling
  • Material Handling