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Cold Frame XS2

The Sun King is a free standing gothic greenhouse with a steeply pitched roof designed to bring in the sunlight. Constructed of heavy duty tubing, the Sun King’s gothic shape is ideal for incorporating roof vents for passive ventilation. The Sun King is an economical greenhouse for the grower in the lighter snow areas.

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  • Quality American made parts
  • Prefabricated parts and simple design for easy installation
  • All load bearing pipe has a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi
  • Heavy duty 1.660" O.D. rafter bows and 1.900" O.D. posts
  • 1.315" O.D. purlins and ridges
  • Four foot bow spacing eliminates pocketing
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Patented fastening device for attaching film to frame included with the Sun King Plus
  • Designed for any coverings: Poly or Plus
  • Standard Widths: 21', 26', 29' and 30'
  • Standard Lengths: 48', 96', 144', 192' or in increments of 4'