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Hydroponic Vegetables

A Rough Brothers commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse provides the ideal environment for optimal vegetable growth.  Our staff of in-house experts removes the mystery by stepping you through the Rough Brothers turnkey process, from consultation and design to integration and construction.  Our single source solution provides the structure, growing systems, temperature control, computer operations, engineering, and installation crews.   Superior growth, taste, and success of your produce are the direct result of proper irrigation, fertigation, and ventilation systems used to control your greenhouse environment.  The Rough Brothers hydroponic greenhouse provides the precision equipment needed to optimize your produce.

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RBI has a long standing reputation for superior quality. This is a statement that comes from our customer. The focus is on the details and the collaboration with our customer. We work with each grower to commission their vegetable systems and complete all items on their punch list. Our process makes it easy and efficient for any grower, whether experienced or novice.