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The Phantom greenhouse is the ideal introductory greenhouse. We've created a simple greenhouses with pre-designed systems that will enable you to grow cannabis on a production scale. Made of High Tensile strength 2” square tubing, the Phantom Cannabis Greenhouse is a discrete structure that can be equipped with all the necessary cannabis cultivation systems.  The structure and systems are perfect for first time cannabis greenhouse growers or for high volume production facilities. This standard structure can be self-erected by an experienced handy-man.

  • Vertical sidewalls
  • Infrared resistant 2-ply poly with inflation kits
  • 3 volume injectors for premix solutions
  • Unit heaters
  • Cooling - evap crass vent
  • Dehumidification - cross ventilated
  • HAF for air movement
  • HID
  • Light deprivation
  • Water mist options
  • Benches

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