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DTS GrowRoom™

Utilize the advanced agriculture techniques used in research laboratories with efficiency of indoor commercial cultivation and you get the DTS GrowRoom™.

The DTS GrowRoom ™ is an automated indoor cultivation room with integrated dehumidification, cooling, lighting, irrigation, fertigation, and CO2 operated by a Controlled Environmental Agriculture interface to measure, analyze, and synchronize all your equipment for optimal performance.  The goal when growing a specialty crop like cannabis is to control the environmental conditions with precision to optimize your output with the highest quality product.  Working with the DeltaCool™ Environmental System offers the best in precise temperature and humidity control.

Learn more about our DTS Complete Environmental Control.

Heating and cooling packages may include:

  • Delta Cool™ chilled water cooling systems (under bench or hanging fan coils)
  • Heating system components (radiant heat system, heat sources, piping and controls)
  • Engineered drawings (pipe layouts and electrical diagrams)
  • Installation supervision or optional installation services
  • Digital controller system - regulate the growing climate from your PC

Project Management, Coordination and General Contracting

Water Systems Engineering and Management

  • Equipment Sizing
  • Irrigation Design
  • Operational Sizing
  • Vertical Benches


  • LED
  • HPS

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