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Why RBI Research Greenhouse?

With eighty-two years of experience in “building the greatest places for plants”, Rough Brothers has a rather extensive and diverse resume. Rough has especially managed to distinguish itself in the educational and research greenhouse market. Research companies and universities alike often partner with Rough to build a new modern research greenhouse or even to maintain an existing structure.

Rough’s ability to design a thoughtful and cohesive research greenhouse guarantees even the most sensitive of plants (or insects) to thrive. Rough’s experienced design team recognizes that each facility is unique and there is no “routine”. Glazing and equipment are sized and rigorously selected for each project and are sourced from the most reliable and recognized industry leaders. Rough’s in-house manufacturing capabilities further lend to the quality and endurance that a research greenhouse demands.

When appointed at the outset of a research greenhouse project, Rough will produce a conceptual workable design solution. Research establishments and universities have exacting and sometimes challenging demands that only knowledge, dedication, and experience can match. Rough Brothers continues to be at the forefront of the greenhouse construction and design industry due to the ability to deliver an unyielding cutting edge research facility.

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