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Greenhouse Research Facility -The University of Nevada

Greenhouse Research Facility

Rough Brothers recently completed the new 17,280 sq.ft. University of Nevada,  Reno, Greenhouse Research Facility located in Reno, Nevada.  This state of the art  (24) zone greenhouse facility recently opened to provide both students and faculty with research and educational opportunities. Each greenhouse compartment is equipped with integrated environmental controls, cooling, ventilation, heating, shading and air circulation systems.

Greenhouse Research Facility

Contract Scope Included

  • Design, engineering, fabrication and construction of a (24) zone 17,280 sq.ft. research facility
  • New environmental control systems
  • New automatic shading systems
  • New heating systems
  • New evaporative cooling systems
  • New air circulation equipment
  • New automatic roof and sidewall ventilation
  • Staff Training

Greenhouse Research Facility

Greenhouse Design, Manufacturing and Installation
Rough Brothers Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio

General Contractor
West Coast Contractors of Nevada
Reno, Nevada

University of Nevada, Reno
Nevada Department of Public Works
Reno, Nevada

Greenhouse Research Facility

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