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Rick Siebenburgen retires from RBI after 44 years

Rick Siebenburgen

Rick Siebenburgen

After more than 44 years with Rough Brothers, Shipping Manager Rick Siebenburgen is retiring. The date we have feared, yet anticipated for years, is December 24, 2014. Rick joined the company in June 1970 when he was only 17 years old. Rick started his extensive career with Rough Brothers right after finishing High School. He made $1.65 an hour for handling the small greenhouse parts.

Rick has been in the shipping department of Rough Brothers since he joined the company. He has witnessed the tremendous growth over all these years. There were only 20 employees when Rick joined RBI and two truckloads per week were considered a big order. Now under Rick’s supervision, RBI ships 10 truckloads a day! Rick’s focus on his job responsibilities inspired others in the department to become more efficient and customer focused as well.
The Siebenburgen family has a long history with Rough Brothers. Rick’s father Bill Siebenburgen worked for RBI for 40 years as well. Bill and Rick worked together for 14 years in RBI’s warehouse. Rick cherished that time, as it allowed him to grow closer with his dad while working side by side with him.

RBI refuses to accept anything but the best from everyone who works here. Over the years, some have not seen the value of this thinking and left. Others did value it and left anyway. And then there’s Rick, who stayed. Rick stayed for forty four years! And each and every day he has been here, he has not only strived to do his best, but encouraged everyone around him to do their best as well.

“I enjoyed my time with Rough Brothers.” said, Rick Siebenburgen “I really appreciate all of the support others have offered me over the last 44 plus years. ”

Away from work, Rick has been travelling throughout the country. He bought a motor home in 2012 and has been going camping with his wife, who retired recently as well. It is time for Rick to do more of that and to chase those dreams that he postponed due to lack of time. Team RBI extends best wishes to Rick as he takes a long and much-deserved vacation.

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2 comments on “Rick Siebenburgen retires from RBI after 44 years”

  1. Gregg Short says:


    Congratulations on your retirement. You always were a class act at RBI. Enjoy your travels.

    1. John Lambert says:


      I’m late to the party, but congrats! You deserve it, man. As someone from the deep archives of RBI history myself, I agree with Gregg. You were always a class act and a blast to hang out with. Lunch at Wendy’s in ole St. Barn-yard in the 90s… the glory days! Whatever you’re up to, do it with passion & zeal!

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