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RBI Maximizes Vegetable Growth with Hydroponic Production Systems


Gotham Greens Farm LLC and Leafy Green LLC recently contracted the services of Rough Brothers Greenhouse to design, supply, and commission their hydroponic systems for their newly constructed greenhouses. With a desire to maximize the growth of their hydroponic vegetables in a cost effective way, RBI has designed two dramatically different hydroponic growing solutions for the two customer’s unique needs. The Rough Brothers consultation process begins with the end in mind. In the case for Gotham Greens and Leafy Green the crops were tomatoes and herbs.

For Gotham Greens, a simpler installation,  RBI designed and provided a complete grow system includinga assembled a volumetric injection assembly as well as hanging grow gutters for tomato production. The system injection assembly came complete with necessary volumetric injectors, control valves, and filtration components all pre-plumbed  more easy installation and integration into environmental controls.

For Leafy Green, a more complex installation, RBI designed a fertigation  system that continually recycles irrigation water and adjusts the Ph and fertilizer make-up for the sustainable hydroponic production of a variety of leafy greens and green onions.  This Ebb & Flow style hydroponic grow system is Ideal for urban hydroponic greenhouses that supply produce for their local market.

The greenhouse and internal systems were built for flexibility to grow a variety of herbs and leafy greens. The Rough Brothers team of vegetable experts designed the water storage, pumps, piping, and growing systems for this four zone, flexible system.

2 comments on “RBI Maximizes Vegetable Growth with Hydroponic Production Systems”

  1. Eric Smith says:

    That’s very fruitful techniques of RBI. Good informative article. Well Done.

  2. Jerry Thomas says:

    Awesome information as it tells indoor hydroponic systems are very useful. I never thought that indoors planting is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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