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Any successful research greenhouse starts with a successful research greenhouse design, and any successful research greenhouse design comes about with the aid of knowledgeable and experienced research greenhouse consulting experts. Taking the outside environment inside, less the extremes, is a task most easily accomplished by seeking out quality greenhouse consulting as early in the process as possible. Conceptual design is an excellent point in the process to seek out greenhouse consulting. By getting knowledgeable input at the front end of the design this will help eliminate the “re-wind” factor.

Whether for research, teaching or educational greenhouses there is a maze of critically important considerations and options when trying to create a fully functional greenhouse design. Engaging a firm that offers greenhouse consulting services and more importantly has extensive experience not only in the proper design of these facilities, but also the structural engineering, the manufacturing, the costing, the scheduling, the actual construction and the on-going maintenance requirements will be instrumental early in the design phase.

Leading greenhouse manufacturing and construction firms can be an excellent source for greenhouse consulting services. Do the home work and due diligence. Find the firms that offer these services and have can demonstrate that they have offered them for years. Greenhouse consulting is best not left to the first-time firms or want-a-bees. The upside of engaging a leading greenhouse manufacturer for greenhouse consulting services is that they have countless years of vision on the entire process; that being conceptual design through construction and on to on-going maintenance requirements. A leading greenhouse manufacturer offering greenhouse consulting pulls form empirical data, real world costs. Budget and schedules are no longer dreamed up, but rather based on actual project experience over decades of learning & refinement.

Quality greenhouse consulting is invaluable in taking the project the direction it needs to go. But just as valuable, experienced greenhouse consulting helps guide the design around and over common greenhouse design pitfalls. Investing at the front end of a research or educational greenhouse with experienced greenhouse consulting will yield dividends on the back end: Quality greenhouse projects built on time and at budget.

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