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Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Research Greenhouse Overview

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Phase 2 greenhouse complex is approximately 255′-8″ wide x 68’-0″ long consisting of (9) 25’ w x 68’ greenhouses with (1) 25’ x 40’ connecting bldg. and (1) 5’ x 12’ connector link. Greenhouses are aluminum, ground level, multi zo ne, gutter connected, A-frame truss. Gutter post top heights are 12’ and 14’. Approximate square foot area of Phase 2 greenhouse complex is 16,360 sq. ft.

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Greenhouse was completed in August, 2008

Rough Brothers Scope of Work Included

  • Aluminum greenhouse structure including all required columns, trusses, purlins, anchor bolts, girts, sway rods, fasteners and accessories
  • Aluminum glazing system including gutters, ridges, wall and vent sills, glazing bars and bar caps
  • 16/32 I.M. clear and white acrylic double-skinned exterior glazing panels
  • 1/8″ clear tempered lapped glass glazing on interior partitions
  • Double motorized ridge vents in each compartment and at each ridge in corridor
  • Stainless steel screens at all vent openings
  • Wadsworth VC-100 ILS roof vent motors with line voltage limits for each roof vent
  • Exhaust fans, with heavy-duty totally enclosed motors, galvanized steel slant
    wall housings, inlet guards of stainless steel wire mesh, Tamco aluminum dampers
    with actuators shall be provided over each fan and bird screens on the inlet and discharge
  • Positive pressure fans with galv. steel housing & alum. intake louvers
    and interior dampers
  • Horizontal air flow fans for internal greenhouse compartment air circulation
  • Aluminum doors and framing
  • Evaporative pad cooling systems
  • Tamco motorized aluminum shutters covering the evaporative cooling pads
  • Motorized shade/heat retention cloth and drive system
  • Rough Brothers standard Ro-Flo fixed and rolling benches
  • HID & MH light fixtures with overhead support grid

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Greenhouse Design, Manufacturing and Installation
Rough Brothers Inc.Cincinnati, Ohio

William Tao & Associates,  St. Louis, MO

Construction Manager
Landmark Contract Management, St. Louis, MO

More details : http://www.roughbros.com/research-teaching-and-educational-greenhouses/research-greenhouses/

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