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Greenhouse Geek-Rob Tanzer

The Institutional Greenhouse and Conservatory Restoration & Renovation group at Rough Brothers has been headed up by Rob Tanzer for eight years. Having graduated from Virginia Tech University with a BS in Plant Biology and Botany, Rob brings a substantial amount of horticultural and botanical knowledge and experience. Robs hands-on experience with greenhouses during his […]

Rough Brothers Takes A Hands-On Approach To Several Projects

One of Rough Brothers’ favorite projects last year was a greenhouse expansion for Altman Plants at its new Giddings, Texas operation. According to Gary Baze of Rough Brothers, “It was a challenge adapting 18 acres’ worth of structure onto a single plot of land, complete with pond, elevation issues and water drainage concerns, all the […]

Rick Siebenburgen retires from RBI after 44 years

After more than 44 years with Rough Brothers, Shipping Manager Rick Siebenburgen is retiring. The date we have feared, yet anticipated for years, is December 24, 2014. Rick joined the company in June 1970 when he was only 17 years old. Rick started his extensive career with Rough Brothers right after finishing High School. He […]

RBI Maximizes Vegetable Growth with Hydroponic Production Systems

Gotham Greens Farm LLC and Leafy Green LLC recently contracted the services of Rough Brothers Greenhouse to design, supply, and commission their hydroponic systems for their newly constructed greenhouses. With a desire to maximize the growth of their hydroponic vegetables in a cost effective way, RBI has designed two dramatically different hydroponic growing solutions for […]

Rough Brothers’ Above Grade Algae Greenhouse

Rough Commercial Greenhouse

The Commercial Greenhouse Division at Rough Brothers Inc. (RBI) has integrated an above ground lagoon into their Algae Greenhouse design. The above ground design was created as an alternative to forming and pouring permanent concrete pond walls or excavating into questionable soil conditions necessary for below ground ponds. The Rough Brothers greenhouse and lagoon can […]

Leafy Greens – Waterloo, Nebraska

Leafy Greens is a partnership that recently purchased a greenhouse facility from RBI in Waterloo, Nebraska. This greenhouse was designed for the hydroponic production of green onions, but is outfitted to grow a multitude of different crops. This 8,316 sqft poly arch house has roof vents that swing open on the windward and leeward sides […]

PH & Nutrient Availability

The solution that a root zone of a plant is exposed to will have a corresponding Ph value. In chemistry, this Ph value corresponds to the amount of Hydrogen ions, [H+] present in the solution. A solution with a low concentration of hydrogen ions will have a high Ph. Solutions with a high concentration of […]

Green City Growers – Cleveland, OH

Deep Water culture This was my first greenhouse construction project I was assigned at Rough Brothers. This combination of A-Frame head house and Poly Arch production range took up a four acre footprint. It employed a vast hydroponic field sectioned into 13 lagoons. The hydroponic method employed at this location is referred to as Deep […]

Plant Lighting Explained

The 150w high pressure sodium (HPS) fixture illuminating the tree below keeps it healthy and growing. These HPS lights are used throughout the commercial horticulture industry because of their efficiency in regards to how many lumens are emitted per watt of input. This is explained in the diagram below which you may find on the […]