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Commercial Greenhouse Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction by RBI/Rough Brothers: Whether commercial greenhouses, garden centers, education greenhouses, research greenhouses or conservatories, Rough Brothers brings industry leading experience and know-how to the project. RBI’s design and engineering capability as it relates to commercial greenhouse manufacturing and construction is backed up by decades of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects. Engaging Rough Brothers as an active participant in your commercial greenhouse or conservatory design team is instrumental in ensuring a successfully completed project. The dedicated and enthusiastic professionals at RBI will help ensure that the design, the manufactured product and the completed construction yield a fully functional commercial production greenhouse, garden center, educational greenhouse or conservatory. Selecting your greenhouse or conservatory supplier is a critically important initial step in the overall process. With the selection of Rough Brothers you have over eighty (80) years of successfully completed project history working for you. The Rough Brothers’ team will work to create a sustainable conservatory or commercial greenhouse design that allows for ease of use, an extended service life, energy efficiency and overall low maintenance requirements. Whether for new construction or renovation of an existing facility, RBI personnel are anxious to develop the AutoCAD drawings, specifications and associated details, as well as offer sustainable design solutions, value engineering and construction scheduling for any commercial greenhouse, garden center, education greenhouse, research greenhouse or conservatory. For industry knowledge, first-hand greenhouse experience, quality built products and exceptional project management services; RBI/Rough Brothers is the absolute right choice to bring your project in on time and at budget! 

Greenhouse Drawings and Conservatory Specifications by RBI/Rough Brothers: Whether for educational greenhouses, research greenhouses, commercial growing greenhouses or conservatories, any successful plant facility project requires a well thought-out design behind it. And, the foundation of any well thought-out design is an accurate and exacting set of job-specific AutoCAD drawings and greenhouse specifications that insures the completed in-place project matches the original design intent. Be it a conservatory, a garden center, a production greenhouse, a teaching greenhouse or a research greenhouse, every project can all benefit from professionally developed project documents. Rough Brothers has the professionals on staff ready to create those greenhouse and conservatory documents and associated specifications in a timely manner. More than just the greenhouse structure and glazing, a well-integrated set of project documents also addresses the heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, material handling systems, plant growth lighting systems, shading & heat retention systems, misting & irrigations systems, greenhouse environmental control systems and more… Rough Brothers is anxious to help bring the front-end documents which ensure that the back-end of the project comes together in a smooth and seamless fashion.  

Historically Accurate Greenhouse Specifications and Conservatory Design by RBI/Rough Brothers: With nearly a century of experience dating back to 1932 when Rough Brothers was founded as a greenhouse maintenance and repair company, RBI has acquired the knowledge to develop “period-style” conservatory designs and historically accurate conservatory restorations and replications. By combining yesterday’s ingenuity with today’s technology Rough Brothers has adeptly acquired the ability to design, structurally engineer, manufacture and construct tomorrow’s most spectacular conservatories.  =


Commercial Grower Greenhouses by RBI/Rough Brothers: The commercial greenhouse divisional staff at Rough Brothers is ready to lend a wealth of greenhouse design, manufacturing and construction knowledge to your project. Whether it is your first greenhouse, a new greenhouse, a greenhouse expansion or possibly restoration or renovation of an existing greenhouse, RBI’s talented industry professionals are eager to help bring about a quality design and ultimately a completed greenhouse project that meets all the specific project needs, including the project budget. The Commercial Division has the industry’s leading territory sales representatives located throughout the United States and Canada who are readily available to help with your growing and production greenhouse needs. With a continual focus on functional designs, quality materials and overall timely services, the Commercial Division within Rough Brothers will guide you through the multiple and sometimes complicated steps that lead to the start-up of a fully integrated greenhouse design that will ensure exceptional plant production, crop response and steadily growing profits into the future.  

Greenhouses for Commercial Growers
The commercial greenhouses division at Rough Brothers Inc. can help fulfill your greenhouse design and manufacturing needs. Whether you are building a new greenhouse structure, expanding your existing greenhouse or just need replacement parts the Rough Brothers Commercial Division can help you. Our goal is to build a greenhouse structure that suits needs and works within your budget, without compromising quality or service. The Commercial Greenhouse Division will be with you every step through design, engineering, manufacturing, construction, and start up. Rough Brother’s assigns direct sales representatives to every location in the United States and Canada. Our representatives are the most experienced in the industry at integrating the greenhouse structures and systems with a growers needs. Consulting with our field representatives will help you with your project at hand, but more importantly the decisions will save you money in the long run.
Your Greenhouse Manufacturer
The in-house  design team is comprised of horticulturists, designers, engineers, systems integration specialists, and project managers. Our team will work closely with you to determine your greenhouse and greenhouse system specifications. We look to understand your Comprehensive Master Plan, your layout, crop, structure, glazing and equipment. We will select greenhouse materials and equipment that provide maximum service at a competitive price. We design all our structures and systems with flexibility in mind, so your range is useful for a variety of products. At RBI, the Commercial  Division understands the business of growing. Your investment is critical and selecting the right partner is important, because it is this relationship that will generate a solution to help you meet your goals. We’ve created greenhouse structures, equipment and parts since 1932. We understand how growing schedules and market pressures can affect your business. As your partner, we will deliver practical engineered solutions, turnkey project management, and support every step of the way from design through installation. Begin a partnership with us now by contacting your local commercial greenhouse representative today