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Greenhouse Design and construction by Rough Brothers: Get a whole new experience in greenhouse, garden center and conservatory design from Rough Brothers. As the industry leader, RBI designs, structurally engineers, manufactures and constructs long-life, low maintenance and energy efficient greenhouses, garden centers and conservatories. Rough Brothers’ expert design teams take great pride in total client satisfaction and will work closely with you to bring about a successful greenhouse design, garden center or conservatory project. Rely on Rough Brothers and our eighty (80) plus years of experience to design your next greenhouse, garden center or conservatory. Whether new construction or renovation; selecting your greenhouse design team is the most important step in the process. RBI designs greenhouses and conservatories that last decades with minimal maintenance costs. As part of our front-end greenhouse, garden center and conservatory design services, Rough Brothers is able to provide structural engineering, AutoCAD drawings, details, cost estimating, value-engineering, construction scheduling and more. Over the years RBI has preserved floriculture's rich heritage as well as adapted the latest developments in agro-technology and environmental sustainability.

Historic RBI Conservatory Design and Greenhouse Specifications: RBI was founded in 1932 as greenhouse maintenance and repair facility. With nearly a century of experience integrating structures and systems, Rough Brothers has grown from that beginning small workshop into the largest greenhouse, garden center and conservatory manufacturer in North America. RBI’s involvement with each project starts with the development of a truly functional design and continues through each step of quality manufacturing through construction of a fully operational growing facility. We are and will remain committed to our customers - to helping them grow to their fullest potential. We will do so by continuing to provide the highest quality, most energy efficient and most reliable greenhouse, garden centers and conservatory structures to the most successful growers, curators, educators and researchers in the industry. We know how to successfully design greenhouse, garden center and conservatory structures as per grenhouse specifications as well as the integrated material handling systems, heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, plant growth lighting systems, environmental control systems, and misting and irrigation systems. Allow us to share our industry leading knowledge to insure your greenhouse, garden center or conservatory project is a successful one.